“Development in the Arctic is going to happen – if not here, then in Russia and Canada, and by non-Arctic nations. I personally believe that America should lead the way.”

- Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

“The U.S. Arctic is not a place to be locked away in a museum of pretty places.”

- Richard Glenn, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

“Alaska depends on the responsible development of its natural resources to expand and support its economy.”

- Alaskan labor and business organizations

“Absent any responsible resource development onshore and offshore, we are facing a fiscal crisis beyond measure.”

- Rex Rock Sr., Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

“The Arctic is crucial to our entire nation’s future…”

- Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK)

“…Alaskans are interested in development and in fact, for some of them, they don’t think things are moving along fast enough.”

- State Department official

“We firmly believe that the oil and gas and our animals can live in harmony…”

- Jacob Adams Sr., North Slope Borough

“The positive impacts of Alaska’s oil and gas industry in terms of energy production and job creation extend well beyond the state’s borders, with access to these resources benefiting every major area of the economy and energy consumers throughout the country.”

- Alaskan labor and business organizations

“We’re concerned that the environmentalists are trying to save the world at the expense of the Inupiat people of the Arctic Slope. … That’s our real concern.”

- Crawford Patkotak, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation

“Despite its low population compared to other regions in the state, the North Slope Borough has one of the largest local economies in Alaska due to the tax base provided by the oil and gas sector.”

- Arctic Iñupiat Offshore