New Caelus Ad Highlights the Benefits of Alaskan Energy Projects

March 10, 2017 in Blog

In a new video ad, Caelus Energy Alaska highlights its impressive North Slope projects. From the massive Smith Bay find, to the Nuna development and the Oooguruk project in the Beaufort, it’s clear that Caelus is doing big things in Alaska. These remarkable finds will likely equate to huge gains for Alaska and its people. Caelus’ ad details the benefits these developments will bring to the state, and it’s a good reminder of the gains brought on by any new energy projects coming online in Alaska.

If permitted, North Slope energy exploration could address multiple issues the state government currently faces, such a major budget deficit and the shortage of oil flowing through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). The Caelus ad describes how energy projects can directly improve the future of Alaska and its citizens.

Strengthen Our Economy

The financial gains oil and gas projects bring to Alaska cannot be overstated. From supporting local businesses to paying tax dollars, energy companies and their employees contribute to regional economies in important ways. The Mayor of Wainwright Alaska has been a vocal champion of Arctic development and consistently notes the specific gains it has brought to his constituents:

“Taxes levied on onshore oil and gas infrastructure, including the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS), support jobs in our region and allow our communities to have modern water and sewer, health, heating and housing infrastructure.”

Fueling Alaska for Decades

Oil discoveries in Alaska can meet the state’s energy needs and assist in meeting America’s energy needs as a whole. More Alaskan oil means more energy security for America and less reliance on foreign imports from across the globe.

Additionally, these oil discoveries mean more throughput for TAPS. It’s no secret that the pipeline’s flow rate has seen a dramatic decline in the last decade.  Less oil flowing through the pipeline makes it more expensive to keep the pipeline warm in winter months and creates a longer transit time for the resources flowing through the pipe.  North Slope energy projects can restore the decline in flow levels that TAPS has seen recently. Any oil discovered in on the North Slope will be sent through TAPS and make its way to Alaskans and the continental U.S.

Alyeska Pipeline Service (TAPS operator) President Thomas Barrett has spoken publicly about the importance of Arctic development to TAPS:

“The Interior Department estimates that Alaska’s Arctic offshore basins hold more than 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas—approximately one-third of the nation’s oil and gas reserves. Those resources could ensure a steady future supply of oil for TAPS.”

Thousands of Jobs

In addition to bringing substantial revenue and tax dollars to the state, Alaskan energy projects also aid the local economy through massive job creation. Caelus estimates that its Smith Bay project alone could bring over 2,000 constructions jobs to Alaska at its peak. In 2013, oil and gas jobs represented one third of all Alaskan jobs and wages.

Caelus is one of many companies working to responsibly develop Alaska’s resources both on and offshore. In its ad, the company proudly states:

“Alaska’s future is our future. Together we can produce amazing results”

Energy companies and the projects they bring to the state mean positive things for Alaska’s future for decades. Allowing operators to unlock the massive resources contained within the state is a boon for all parties involved. Arctic energy production on North Slope will indeed bring truly amazing results to the people in Alaska and beyond.